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Men's 2023 Roster
Player & Info

Aiden Whitehouse
Att, Mid
CA: Thousand Oaks
5'10" '23
160 B+
I am dominate with both hands and always the fastest on the field. I am very coachable and will always think of my team before myself. Hi Lax IQ  
Jack Freel
NY: New York City
6'3" '23
195 A
Strong lacrosse IQ and vision as a playmaker. Quickly studies defense, is decisive and confident. Finds pass opportunities for strong assists. Multi-sport athlete...basketball and football player who plays physically.  
Michael Donahue
OH: Cincinnati
5'11" '23
190 B+
Aggressive, physical, coachable, disciplined tone setting defender | 3 yr Varsity Starter Lacrosse/ Football | 3.42 GPA/ 1160 SAT. Looking for a strong business program school and lacrosse program  
Zephyr Simus
Mid, Faceoff
FL: Miami Beach
5'9" '23
185 A
Self-motivated, fast learner, & highly coachable face-off specialist with quick hands who is physically & mentally strong and tough on ground balls.  
Player dominant hand (R - Righty, L - Lefty, B - Both). Height (Ht), Weight (Wt).
Academic GPA ie A student, B student, etc...
Profile Completeness (has video, academics, etc...)
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