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Men's 2025 Roster
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Brayden Cunningham
Att, Mid
PA: West Grove
5'9" '25
124 A+
I have high lacrosse iq so I always make the best decision in the situation. I dodge hard to score.  
Cole Gibbons
#50: Att, Mid
PA: Manheim
5'8" '25
170 A-
Coachable, hard-working, disciplined player who is comfortable dodging and finishing with both hands, and is continually expanding lacrosse knowledge and skills.  
Danny Brighter
#84: Def
PA: Morgantown
5'10" '25
154 B+
Coachable, team player, hard working and disciplined. Also a multi- sport athlete. Ill do whatever it takes to get the job done.  
Ethan Zabroski
#42: Goal
PA: Mountain Top
5'4" '25
145 A+
I play with passion. I love to compete and work on my craft. I strive to be the best teammate I can be everytime I take the field.  
Ian Young
#5: Att, Mid
PA: Spring City
5'11" '25
175 A-
I have a strong lacrosse IQ and made the varsity team as a freshman. Honor roll student. I always look out for my teammates.  
Joe Arizin
#10: Def, LSM
PA: Media
6'4" '25
190 A+
Strong, big, coachable, aggressive and skilled team player.  
Justin Corson
#55: Mid, Def, Goal, LSM
PA: Lancaster
6'3" '25
201 A-
Academically focused, disciplined multi-sport athlete. Coachable leader that doesn't take short-cuts in the classroom, on the field, or in the gym.  
Justin Murray
PA: Douglassville
5'8" '25
150 B+
“Justin is very abrupt in his exits, is aggressive in his counters and once he has it he is very smart with the ball.” - Repslax  
Logan Klinger
#3: Att, Mid
PA: Lancaster
6'1" '25
165 B
Coachable, team player with strong Lax IQ - disciplined, determined and aggressive multi-sport athlete.  
Luke Nicolas
Def, LSM
PA: Downingtown
5'10" '25
170 A
Student of the sport and pride myself on being coachable. Fast, agile and high LAX IQ. Teamwork is paramount and I play smart and physical.  
Luke Wildermuth
#22: Att, Mid
PA: Coatesville
6'1" '25
155 A-
Coachable, team player with high Lax IQ - determined and aggressive student athlete and Maguire Scholar  
Mack Manley
#11: Att, Mid
PA: West Chester
5'3" '25
120 A-
Multi sport athlete, honors student, strong teammate, savvy, disciplined, exciting and coachable. I am a swift, aggressive, all around player, confident with the ball, and I'm dead set on winning.  
Matthew Scudder
#24: Mid
PA: Paoli
6'0" '25
195 B+
Fast, disciplined, determined and aggressive multi-sport athlete. Very coachable. Good vision on the field. Varsity as a Freshman.  
Michael Palmiero
#55: Def, LSM
PA: Gilbertsville
6'0" '25
215 B
Nobody will outwork me. Multi-sport athlete. Youtube: Michaelpalmiero15sports IG:Michael_palmiero15_sports Also see my additional profile: https://imlca.sportsrecruits.com/athlete/michael_palmiero  
Rylan Arata
#25: Mid
PA: Wayne
5'10" '25
160 A+
Passionate and committed to the game of lacrosse. Strong Lacrosse IQ. Extremely coachable. Committed to always getting better. A multi-sport athlete with varsity cross country and a wrestling.  
Ty Raines
Mid, Def, LSM
PA: Coatesville
6'1" '25
Coachable, Smart, Picks up concepts east, Aggressive, Driven and has a strong Lax IQ.  
Zach Krawchuk
#1: Mid
PA: West Chester
5'10" '25
155 A-
Stand out foot speed, tenacious, above average stick skills. Highly coachable all around student-athlete. Love the SSDM position and game. Want to learn more.  
Zach Krawchuk
PA: West Chester
5'11" '25
15 yo Soph at Malvern Prep. D-middie - fast, agile, sees the entire field clearing. Tough D with quick foot speed, strength and smarts. Highly coachable.  
Player dominant hand (R - Righty, L - Lefty, B - Both). Height (Ht), Weight (Wt).
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