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Women's 2017 Roster
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Hannah Welshoff
#11: Att, Mid
NY: Goshen
5'8" '17
126 A-
A team player who always tries to bring out the best in her teammates and personally works hard to her  
Kelly Fellenzer
#29: Att, Mid, Def
NY: Goshen
5'3" '17
130 A
Tenacious, fearless, assertive - willing to take on the tough assignments. Very coachable - quick on my feet - a team play-maker with a never quit attitude.  
Kerry Zachman
#34: Mid, Def
NJ: Wyckoff
5'8" '17
150 B+
Fast, athletic, team leader, coachable, love to cover best player, can play Defense or Midfield, selected 1st Team All League and All-County Honorable Mention.  
Laurel Kennedy
#31: Def
NY: Orangeburg
5'0" '17
120 B+
Aggressive multi-sport athlete, fast, team player, and coachable  
Lexi Patania
Att, Mid, Draw
NJ: Wayne
5'5" '17
125 B+
Team Player with strong Lax IQ and skills. Disciplined, determined and aggressive multi-sport athlete  
Mary Kate Horton
#24: Att, Mid
NJ: Glen Rock,
5'2" '17
107 A-
Multi-sport athlete (lacrosse/soccer); coachable, determined, quick, team player.  
Melanie Meara
#11: Att, Mid, Def, Draw
NJ: Hamilton
5'8" '17
135 A-
coach-able,athletic in 3 sports year round,aggressive,team player  
Shannon McGinnis
#38: Att, Mid, Def
PA: Levittown
5'5" '17
135 A-
Ultimate team player with strong desire to win. Play all positions, communicate well with teammates and coaches.  
SJ Del Viscio
PA: Langhorne
5'3" '17
130 A-
hardworking, disciplined, coachable, determined  
Player dominant hand (R - Righty, L - Lefty, B - Both). Height (Ht), Weight (Wt).
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