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Abigail Calegari

2023 | NY: Endicott
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Vocal defender who is coachable and hard-working - team player who encourages teammates - ready to learn - plays defense in soccer as well

As a Senior at Union Endicott High School, I play defense on the varsity lacrosse team. This past summer and fall 2022 travel seasons, I'll be playing with a small travel team , BC607 Lacrosse, that is more local to the Binghamton area after my larger club team, NEPA Rattlers, from my sophomore and junior year had a change in leadership and didn’t continue a girls program in 2022.

I began playing lacrosse in second grade and played for three years before taking a break to explore other sports and interests, but then returned to lacrosse in middle school. The fall of my freshman year I joined a travel club, RIDE based out of Ithaca, NY but it dissolved after my fall '19 season because the owner moved out of the area. I was selected for my JV lacrosse team my freshman year and the following week after tryouts, we went remote.

During my sophomore year I found a newly formed travel club that was just starting a girls program; NEPA Rattlers in Scranton, PA. I played the fall '20 tournament season, attended their winter training program and continued on into the 2021 summer and fall travel seasons with them. I also was very dedicated to lacrosse training on my own during the peak of the pandemic and you can see this training on my lacrosse instagram account. Sophomore year, I again made the JV lacrosse team and also was asked to play varsity games when they were short players. My NEPA Rattlers club team at the time was an hour and a quarter away from home and I juggled a full spring season of school lacrosse with traveling 2 1/2 hours round-trip twice a week for my travel team.

I'm a solid A-/B+- student that does best in my English and Social Studies classes. This year I’m taking a college entrepreneurship class and doing an internship at a bridal boutique and last year I took marketing and Fashion Merchandising as a I'm considering a major in those areas. In addition to my involvement in lacrosse, I played defense and stryker on the varsity soccer team through my junior year, am involved in community service through my church and I work a part-time job at a Japanese steakhouse.

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Sarah Burkarth

Jun 2, 2021

Abbie is on my club team NEPA Rattlers. She travels two hours round trip twice a week for lacrosse which shows her dedication to improving . Abbie has a lot of potential to grow!

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