Andrew McGrath

2022 | CA: Novato
1.2K |

Neil Butterfield

Oct 29, 2020

Strong player who uses angles, position and leverage advantageously. Plays aggressively and under control, and within the construct of the team defense. Excellent on GB's and making good decisions with the ball. Coachable, workhorse teammate that shows up every day to get better.

Marcus Rome

Oct 28, 2020

Reliable , Intuitive player who plays well on and off ball. Has good stick skills and runs the field in transition . Strong ,Confident and very coachable . Good teammate that leads by example.

Blake Atkins

Oct 23, 2020

Very technical, good angles and disciplined approach. Limits opponent opportunities with great positioning. Strong build, plays with power. Good hands, gets the ball off the ground clean. Communicates well and anticipates offense. Doesn't miss practice. Consistent, reliable, dependable and a good teammate.

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