Anna Rogers

2023 | NY: Webster
3K |

For a full evaluation of Anna's play, athleticism and academics, please contact me, the Recruiting Director.

Matt Falcone

Nov 2, 2021

Anna is extremely coachable and flexible on her position on the field. She can play all field positions well but she excels at attack, can play right or left but prefers right. Her height and explosiveness makes her unstoppable inside of the 8. Anna is very unselfish as she leads her club team in assists. Using her lax IQ she develops plays when the play breaks down usually resulting in a goal for us. Always willing to learn, improve and take feedback her game is constantly growing. She is a hard working student athlete who comes from a great family. Anna is a great teammate and will be a huge asset to any team at the next level. I recommend Anna at any Division in college looking for a strong right handed attacker willing to put in the extra work. If you need more information about Anna please let me know.

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