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Ashley Brown

2022 | NY: Glen Cove
Recruit Profile
Naturally a fiery competitor, great team player with a third eye always on the goal. Strong lefty & righty shooter. A good underdog story lies within her.

I started learning the fundamentals of lacrosse under my older brother in our backyard, been breaking the neighborhood boys ankles since 4th grade. We grew together as players so when he joined club, his coach became my mentor. He bothered my parents about pushing me into a boy's program describing me as a "Lefty Sniper" at the young age of 12. My lacrosse stick was like a girl's American Girl doll, came with me to the beach, on all vacations, always fiddling with it in the house. My city wasn't big in lacrosse so no girls PAL teams & I wasn't allowed to join the boys so I had a break from lacrosse til I joined North Shore's PAL program, ever since that team I've always been an offensive threat on the circle. Now I specialize in draws & being a shifty shooter. I have learned so much throughout the years & would love to share my story with those who are interested.


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