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Ava Fudjinski

2023 | SC: Pawleys Island
Recruit Profile
Energetic, hardworking, disciplined team player, very coachable with strong Lax IQ. Academics: 5.008 weighted GPA all honors courses plus 3 AP's & 2 Dual Enrollment courses through Junior yr.

I started playing lacrosse at 8 yrs old on the North Fork of Long Island, NY. before moving to Pawleys Island, SC. Solid and determined contributor on the field both offensively and defensively. Fast and agile; able to position myself with precision to create plays for the team. Generous team player. High achiever in academics, 5.008 weighted GPA all honors classes plus 3 AP's & 2 Dual Enrollment courses through the end of Junior year. Self motivated and a team leader. Consistently puts 110% in on the field and conditioning in the gym. Able to successfully balance academics, lacrosse and work. Started working my first job the summer before freshman year and have worked 20+ hours a week year round. Starting player for JV lacrosse 7th/8th grades, Starting player for Varsity lacrosse 9th/10th/11th grades.

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I have had the pleasure of coaching Ava for the last four years. For only being a sophomore in high school she is an extremely talented player. She is driven, athletic and a coachable player. Ava is smart and reads the field and knows when to put pressure and when to pull the ball back and make smart decisions and pass the ball around. In the last two years she has had 40 goals out of 19 games. She is one of the top scorers every season, as a midfielder and low attack player. She strives for excellence every season and is very determined to be the best player she can be. Ava works great with her teammates and gives them all feedback and is nothing but supportive. I am blessed to have had the privilege to coach her on and off the field. Ava is an elite player. Her shots are always placed by moving the goalie. She is aggressive and fights hard for the ball. She is nothing but a wonderful person and an amazing athlete. She will be an asset to any team.

Michele Parr

Mar 10, 2021

Ava is fierce and competitive. She strives to make a difference for her team in each game. She has great stick skills with both hands, field awareness and is a team player. She always has a positive attitude and will be an asset to any team.

Kristen Selvage

Mar 3, 2021

To Whom It May Concern: It is a pleasure and an honor to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Ava Fudjinski, a player that I have had the good fortune of coaching locally this past summer. Ava is interested in pursuing her collegiate lacrosse career in addition to finding a highly academic institution. Ava has become a dominant presence on the lacrosse field but she has always been a remarkable student. She would like to find an institution that matches her skill level, ability to shine and a place that will help her to prepare for her future. While I believe I will have two more years to watch Ava grow on the lacrosse field, my confidence in her abilities now and where she will be by the time she departs high school is VERY high. Currently, Ava continues to grow her lax IQ in seeing plays unfold and create opportunities for her teammates. Her redefend is absolutely second to none. She has learned that if she works really hard to slow down the ball, she creates more and more opportunity for her teammates to turn over the ball and get it back. Often times, Ava handles this mission all alone and it is remarkable. This is such a rare trait in a high school sophomore. On the offensive end, Ava is fearless, selfless and an energizer bunny. She never stops going. She is fast and relentless. Often times her coach will play her on the circle for the draw, her first step is so quick and she digs so well for the ground balls that she comes up with lots of opportunities off of the draw. Lastly and my most favorite part about Ava, she is coachable and she is passionate. Her passion drives her to be aggressive and feisty, something you cannot teach. When you speak to her about her play or what to work on, she is dialed in and attentive, I absolutely love athletes like this and know that she is going to continue to be a knockout player as she develops her game. Thank you in advance for your time and information. All the best to you and your program. Sincerely, KRISTEN SELVAGE Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach Coastal Carolina University kselvage@coastal.edu

Scott Withington

Mar 1, 2021

Ava is an exceptional athlete with a high drive, very competitive, and an excellent team player. She has a strong Lax IQ from years of experience. Ava is definitely a premier play maker and has the values/character to improve any team.

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