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Ben Hornberger

2019 | PA: York
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Resilient, versatile, focused, fast & intelligent lax player, constantly working to improve personal and team effectiveness. Accomplished multi-sport athlete

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Pat Stafford

Mar 19, 2018

Ben is a fast lefty with a great Lacrosse IQ. Strong off the dodge, solid on defense and like a coach on the field he is a very versatile player. Ben never takes a rep in practice for granted and is always looking for ways to make himself and his team better. Ben will be a strong addition to any program.

Keith Askenas

Mar 18, 2018

Ben is tremendous team first guy. Always prepared for practice and game situations. Speed and agility are in his tool kit. Accurate feeder while having a big lefty shot. Solid two way midfielder that understands team play. Very good Lax IQ , a leader by his play and attitude.

Todd Stiegler

Mar 18, 2018

Ben is very athletic and his left handed shot on rhe run is very athletic. Can threaten the goal from attack or midfield equally. Plays football and can be physical as a defensive midfielder as well. Very versatile player. Very respectful and coacheable young man.

Kevin Mayer

Feb 20, 2018

Ben is a highly athletic multi-sport athlete and with a very explosive dodge from behind the cage that is hard to defend. A Canadian style to his play and uses his athleticism at the attack position to not only be a scoring threat but a riding threat. Upside player

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