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Brady Hunt

2021 | OH: Maineville
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Contribute in many ways - dodge, shoot, pass, defend, ground balls and clears. Leader, smart, multi-sport athlete

I started playing lacrosse in 2nd grade. I was the leading scorer on my high school team as a freshman earning all conference and all region honors. I believe I can contribute on both sides of the field, not only on the offensive end. I also have been playing travel hockey for 9 years as well.

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Matt Lee

May 5, 2019

Brady presents the athleticism of a two way midfielder. He can play defense, clear, ride, transition and stay on offense. His skills from hockey and box lacrosse aid his field game. As the college game progress towards two way midfielders, Brady is a great example.

Mark Lynch

Apr 30, 2019

Brady has D1 level athleticism/skill. He can play anywhere on the field and excels at: dodging to score/feed/draw a slide, shooting (strong finisher with 13+ yd. range as a sophomore), excellent in transition/broken situations/scrambles, strong on-ball defender, and mental/physical toughness. He is an outstanding teammate.

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