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Calyn Scott

2023 | GA: Peachtree City

Bree Heaton

Aug 11, 2021

Calyn takes draws for us, and frequently plays midfield. She is an awesome defender and full-field player, though her strength is definitely attack. She's played on the 2023 Storm Elite team for 3 years and is one of their best players. She has a great lacrosse IQ and is strategic and analytical about everything -- often anticipating and outsmarting players several years older than she is. She's got tremendous confidence and experience under pressure, and though she is just a sophomore, is one of our top-two players we lean on to win draws and get goals when the game is on the line. She's got a beautiful left and right hand, catching everything thrown anywhere near her and switching hands seamlessly when the defense shifts to take an angle away or to pressure her from the opposite side. She's quick and crafty, able to take on the 1v1 but also keeps her head up to look for the pass when the advantage or opening shifts to one of her teammates. She's an unselfish player that you can count on to have a team-first attitude and will do whatever the coach asks.

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