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Charlie Stoner

2022 | OH: New Albany
Recruit Profile
Hard-working, coachable, strong IQ for the game. Aggressive and high motor, but also disciplined. Hard nosed and physical. Multi-sport athlete.

I consider myself a workhorse. I love working hard to achieve my goals. I constantly strive to better myself both academically and athletically, as well as improving as a person.
On and off the lacrosse field I consider myself a leader. I always put others before myself. As a lacrosse player and athlete, I am very aggressive and physical, I have been told that I have a very high lacrosse IQ, I'm disciplined but have a very high motor, and I strive to outwork my opponent every single time either in practice, games, or extra training/study.
I'm very disciplined in the way I diet and exercise. As of now I am 6'2 178 lbs as a rising sophomore, so my size has given me a great advantage. I have been playing lacrosse since 7th grade. I started varsity every game at LSM/D as a freshman at my high school. I also play LSM on Resolute Ohio, transition on Resolute's Elite Box Team, and LSM for Trilogy ICE. I am a varsity HS football freshman letterman as well.
I've played a variety of other sports: Basketball, Swimming, Soccer, etc. Next year as a sophomore I will be taking Advanced English, Advanced Pre-Calc, and Honors Computer Science 2 (Scored 4 on Comp Sci A AP). I volunteer through Resolute at youth lacrosse tournaments and potentially a food pantry this summer. I am part of art society at my school.

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Derek Lichtfuss

Jun 17, 2019

Charlie is a rangy, athletic defender that plays close and LSM. Charlie was a major contributor to our Varsity program as a Freshman, and is expected to be a major factor going forward. His stick-work and knowledge of the game improves every time he steps on the field.

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