Christopher Hollander

2020 | NJ: Princeton
4.1K |

For a full evaluation of Christopher's athletic and academic record, or character assessment, email dongreen@bluestarlacrosse.com.

Brian Cooleen

Oct 13, 2016

Chris is a strong and tall defender. he sits down low in his stance and effectively blankets the opponent’s top option without much flash. He listens and works hard on and off the field

Rob Radice

Oct 11, 2016

Chris plays with his motor always running and has the ability to use his tall frame, strength and speed to his advantage. He has an excellent work ethic and understands no one is bigger than the TEAM.

Chris Bates

Oct 3, 2016

Chris is an athletic LSM and/or close defender with a great frame. He handles the ball very well and is exceptional on ground balls. With continued hard work, Chris has tons of upside. He is a high character, wonderful young man.

Rob Siris

Sep 20, 2016

Chris is a solid 1v1 defender and also handles the ball well in the midfield. He's a smart defender who is able to anticipate passes & think a few steps ahead of the opposing offense. He is extremely coach-able and takes advice well from the coaching staff.

Don Green

Sep 20, 2016

Chris is a tall and strong defender. He has strong defensive fundamentals and has constantly improving technique. He is an intelligent defender who analyzes situations making the entire defensive unit better.

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