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Colby Freeman

2021 | CO: Louisville
Recruit Profile
Nine seasons as a dedicated goalie, not afraid to get my body behind the ball and focused on quick outlets after saves. Strong academics: 3.9 GPA / 4.6 weighted GPA.

I grew up on the east coast, more specifically northern Virginia, and I got introduced to the sport naturally from friends and family. I remember my mom got me my first lacrosse stick and I was immediately fascinated by the complexity of the sport and technique of throwing a ball. I started trying to use the stick as much as possible until I made my first lacrosse team in second grade and have not stopped playing since. From the sport of Lacrosse, I have learned a lot of things about myself and my work ethic. I learned that mastery of a specific subject is not from luck or predisposition but from hard work and years of practice. I learned that one set back, for instance not making the team you strived for, should not ruin the larger objective and take you off your path. Those are just a few of the things that I have learned from playing the sport I love.

I am equally as focused off the field as I am on the field. Since the start of High School, my main goal is not only to get the best grades possible but to try and learn interesting topics along the way. I am particularly interested in History as the past and learning new topics about our world has always fascinated me. My goal in college is to expand my knowledge of History while also pursuing a major in Biology, focusing on either Ecology or Zoology.

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Kyle Burto

Jun 26, 2019

Colby is an all around quality young man who has great work ethic and leadership. On the field, he is a strong goalie that can simply stop the ball and lead a defense. As a teammate he is 2nd to none. He will thrive at college level!

Matthew Kelley

Jun 14, 2019

Colby is a solid goalie and an extremely hard worker. He shows up at practice every day with a smile on his face and gives a large effort. I expect Colby to be a contributor at the next level in college.

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