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Connor Prindiville

2018 | NJ: Wall
Recruit Profile
I am a team player, hard worker, self motivated, coachable, strong lacrosse IQ, and a multi-sport athlete.

I started playing lacrosse when I was 9 years old. I can remember vividly my very first game, I was carrying the ball down the field and went to go shoot the ball and as I shot the ball, another kid checked my stick and I lost the ball. That kid took the ball down the field and almost scored off of a play that I was responsible for. I felt terrible and I wanted to quit the sport of lacrosse right then and there after that play. My father convinced me to stick with it and go into the next game prepared. My father taught me a very valuable lesson that day: the first being that the only way I am going to get anywhere in life is if I work hard and earn my place in this world. Nobody is given anything in life and the only way you will ever be successful is if you work hard. I am extremely fast and I am not afraid to take a hit. I also have a strong lacrosse IQ and I have a very fast and accurate shot. My defensive game is strongest when I am man-on-man. I am a very coachable athlete and I like it when someone tells me I did something wrong because that person, being a coach or another player, can correct me and make me a better and more effective player on the field. Last year as a sophomore on varsity, I had 8 goals and 4 assists. As well as lacrosse, which I play year long with travel and with my school, I also participate on the Surf team at Wall high school. I am also on the swim team this year at my high school. I love the sport of swimming because not only is it a great work-out and has no stress on my joints, it really pushes me to be mentally tough. Swimming also pushes my endurance and speed to the max. I also was on JV hockey from freshman year to sophomore year. I love skiing in the winter with my family at various mountains in the northeast as well as Jackson Hole, WY.

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Don Green

Nov 23, 2016

Connor is a tough, hard-nosed middie that can run through or around you. He is fast and strong allowing him to thrive on ground balls and in transition. He is a two-way, blue collar middie with upside potential!

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