Connor Watts

2022 | CO: Lakewood
1.7K |

Sean Monahan

Nov 2, 2020

Connor is an athletic goalie with quick hands and excellent footwork. His overall game has improved year over year due to his willingness to work hard and put in the needed time to excel. Connor is a pleasure to coach!

Nate Hallahan

Nov 1, 2020

Connor loves the game and understands it at a high level. He is a great overall athlete (Varsity Soccer as well), has great hands to attack the ball for making saves, and gets the ball out early and accurately on clears! Great kid/great family!

Roger Yago

Oct 30, 2020

Connor is a great athletic goalie. His quickness is the first thing you notice. What I love most about him is his desire and willingness to work hard. Great kid and great family!

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