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Corbin Moore

2021 | PA: Manheim
Recruit Profile
I am an aggressive, apt, coach-able, considerate, goal-setting, eager to please and self-motivated athlete.

I began my athletic career playing right wing for the Lancaster Firebirds hockey team for 8 years. I learned early on about teamwork, dedication, hard work and perseverance. I was introduced to Lacrosse in the 5th grade by my best friend who played for a neighboring school's club team (our school district does not have a lacrosse program). I played both sports for three years until my passion for lacrosse outgrew my desire to play hockey. Following 8th grade, my only option was to play on a travel team and after a season with the iM3 team, I tried out and had the privilege of making the Rock MD Top 22 2021 team. In the off season, I played on local LAX club teams (Manheim Township & Ceder Crest), hit the weight room hard, ran track & field (9th grade) and JV baseball (10th grade) to keep conditioned. I realize that I am an underdog without a spring team to play for, but I see it as an opportunity to work even harder as well as even more motivation and earn my playing time.
Scholastically, my interests are science/biology classes and history. I would like to pursue a degree in Wildlife Conservation and Fisheries so that I can work hands-on in the fish and wildlife industry. I am an avid outdoors enthusiast and when I am not playing lacrosse, I am fishing.

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