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Dan Rafferty

2022 | NJ: Moorestown
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Aggressive, vocal team leader on defense, great stick skills and Lacrosse IQ.

Ever since I first stepped on a lacrosse field in 3rd grade, I knew I loved the game. I have learned a lot about myself playing the game and listening to my coaches. A very influential person in my life, besides my parents has been the founder of Tri-State Lacrosse and one of my first coach's Bob Turco. He has taught me so many life and lacrosse lessons. He has taught me that Lacrosse is more than just a game, he has taught us how life and sports can come together now and later in life. He makes sure that we are good students, people, member of our communities, and athletes.

The Tri-State program has also taught me to love the game of lacrosse and that you have to put the work in on and off the field to be successful. At the base of the program there is the saying "One Goal". One Goal is what we say after every huddle. The meaning of saying that is to take the game one goal at a time, to break the large scale goal down into smaller more obtainable goals. I have used this to help me with my academic goals as well as athletic. This program, coaches and values have helped shape me into the student athlete I am today.

This summer I was one of the team captains. A vocal leader on and off the field. I have been told by many people that I am the loudest person on the field. I made sure that everyone was doing what they were supposed to do off the field, if we lost or won we were respectful to the other team at all times.

I also wrestle on the Moorestown High School team in the winter, at first it was to get in shape for spring lacrosse, but I really enjoy the mental and physical challenges of the sport. This sport has really taught me that pain and being tired is a mental thing that you can get past as long as you want to. The long tedious nights of wrestling practice has helped me to better understand the importance of a good balance between athletics and academics. That balance is something I'm looking for in a School and Lacrosse program.

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