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Dylan Kostelich

2019 | PA: Lancaster
Recruit Profile
Discipline, defensive minded midfielder and face-off. Strong Lax IQ, team player, and very focused.

I have been playing lacrosse since third grade. I play defensive and offensive midfield and take face-offs. I can also play LSM. I am a solid, shut down, defensive player, and also can be counted on in the clearing/transition part of the game. I enjoying playing other sports recreationally such as basketball and roller hockey. I also enjoying performance and strength training and work with a trainer 2-3 times week . I am taking AP History, AP Government and Honors Anatomy/Physiology. I am interested in biology, and the medical field for my future studies.


For a full evaluation of Dylan's development in the Rock Lacrosse program, an evaluation of their skills from our staff and their status in regards to NCAA recruiting please feel free to contact me at any time.

John Schein

May 9, 2018

"Tough" "Tenacious Athlete" "Motivated" "Leader" "Coachable" are all words I have used to describe Dylan. Has been an honor to be one of his coaches for the last 2 years.

Dan Kaplan

Nov 9, 2017

Dylan is an extremely positive, hardworking kid. He is a leader by nature and our team instinctively feeds off of his play. He is a great athlete who never needs to come off of the field. One of the toughest/scrappiest players I have coached!

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