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Elizabeth Spizzo

2021 | NJ: Mahwah
Recruit Profile
Focused, multi-sport athlete, STEM program, coachable, High lax IQ, driven and hard-working- as a student and an athlete

I have had of love for lacrosse since the age of 9, when I first picked up a stick. Lacrosse has given me a place where I can be a part of a team working towards the same goal. When I have a stick in my hand, Both, my man-to-man defensive skills and my ability to play help defense are strong. When playing backer defense in my high school season, I am established as the crease defender who pushes girls into their left hands and go for the back check. Using both hands to help transition the ball up the field has also been known to be a strong suit of mine. I play Varsity basketball and I am a Varsity lacrosse player as well. I am in an elite and selective STEM program at my high school which gears me towards the sciences and mathematics. I am taking a Principles of Engineering course as a part of this program. I am currently taking all Honors courses and am also taking AP AB Calculus. I am a part of my school's Knitting Club, Spanish Club, and FLASH club. Along with these clubs, I also spend my time baking, coming up with new recipes for my friends to try, and completing crafts with my 3 sisters.

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Sue Montegari

Jul 2, 2018

Bethy is a low defender with great Lacrosse IQ. She analyzes play development quickly and can processes what needs to be done and communicate with her teammates. She has great size and being a natural lefty she comes up with great back checks. Bethy can also take the draw!

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