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Emily Smith

2022 | PA: Flourtown
Recruit Profile
Energetic, multi-sport athlete, positive attitude on and off the field, loves the game of LAX, always looking to learn more about the game, good teammate

I started playing lacrosse at 8 years old. Through my childhood, I played any sport that I could convince my parents to sign me up for including soccer, swimming, track, softball, and lacrosse. Around 6th grade, I developed a passion for the sport of lacrosse. I have played for HHH since the 2022 team was formed and I look forward to the practices, tournaments, and training sessions with my coaches and teammates. I pride myself on my shot, my strength, and my quick first step.

I am a three-sport athlete and I played varsity soccer, varsity basketball, and varsity lacrosse for my high-school in both my freshman and sophomore years.

At my high school, I am a student council representative, take honors courses in Math, Science and Language Arts, and have a 3.6 GPA. Outside of school, I am a certified lifeguard and certified babysitter. I also volunteer coach with the youth lacrosse team in our township.

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Kasey Mock

Apr 30, 2020

Emily’s size and power in the attacking end of the field command a defenses attention at all times. Not only does Emily use her size and power to dictate 1 on 1, she uses those same talents off ball. Emily is selfless lacrosse player.

Colleen Magarity

Apr 21, 2020

Emily is a very powerful, strong and athletic attacker. She is extremely strong and a great first step for the size and power she has. She has an excellent talent for scoring goals and the hardest shot on the team. Emily is extremely coachable and a very hard worker.

Maggie Canavan

Apr 19, 2020

Emily is the definition of an all around player. She will do anything she can for her teammates in order to succeed. Her attitude and work ethic are contagious. She has this natural ability to force everyone around her to be better. She is a coach's dream!

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