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Erin Kerr

2019 | NY: Warwick
Recruit Profile
Loves lacrosse, unselfish, controllled, hard-working, coachable, determined, dedicated, aggresive, multi-sport athlete

I started playing lacrosse in 2nd grade and have the loved the sport ever since. I grew up watching lacrosse games regularly, and started playing Tri-State Lacrosse in 7th grade. I started on the varsity team at my high school as a freshman and was the second leading scorer. I maintained above a 95 average my freshmen year while taking multiple honors courses and playing both volleyball and lacrosse. I also enjoy doing mission work and recently went on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic.


Sue Montegari

Jun 9, 2016

Erin is an extremely versatile athlete. Great lacrosse IQ allows her to read play development on both ends of the field. Good stick skills and confidence had her starting at her high school this spring as freshman. Erin is hardworking, committed and a great teammate on and off the field.

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