Ethan Foster

2022 | OH: Milford
2.2K |

Brian Cross

Jun 10, 2021

Ethan has developed in to one of the best goalies in our Region. Have coached him for the past 5 years. He has an exceptional ability and drive to be the best. Extremely hard working and coachable. Ethan has the type of leadership qualities you want in a goalie. He has very quick hands and good positioning. Strong out of the cage with great instinct and clearing ability. Can see the field well and has great accuracy out letting the ball. His work ethic drives his talent ability and he continues to work all the time on being the best. He is a next level goalie and will be a great addition to not only a collegiate team but the institution as well.

AJ Froehlich

Jun 9, 2021

Ethan is an athletic goalie who can make every save. He is constantly looking to improve his craft through extra drills, clears and shots. A smart player with tremendous leadership qualities. Ethan will surely improve any team he finds himself a part of!

Conor Peck

Jun 8, 2021

Ethan is an excellent, well-rounded goalie. Great physical attributes - tall, long, quick hands, quick feet, and works tirelessly in the weight room. Great left-handed stopper. Tracks the ball well, reacts quickly, and has great hands. Highly effective and skilled in the clear game, makes great decisions with the ball and communicates well. Consistently improving into one of the best goalies in our region, and would be a valuable asset to any college team on and off the field.

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