Ethan Fisher

2024 | GA: Atlanta
1.6K |

Eamon Thornton

Jun 15, 2022

As others have said, the first thing you see in Ethan is his speed, technique, and physicality, but what takes longer to see is his top-notch attitude, encouragement as a teammate, and his work ethic off the field. He is a great player, yes, but more importantly, a high character young man who elevates all those around him. As the 1st man off the bench, he was named all-region, was a key player in our state championship run, and did so without an ounce of ego, only energy, focus, and passion. He’s the real deal!

Alex Haskins

Jun 15, 2022

Ethan is an extremely physical, athletic and skilled close defender. He is able to match feet with most attack man when playing on ball and his ability to communicate and organize the defense off ball makes him a leader on that side of the field. His ability to pick up tough ground balls and push transition well makes him a complete close defenseman.

Patrick Cheney

Jun 10, 2021

Ethan is an extremely hard working, physical defenseman. Started at close defense as a freshman and was very physical with some of the top players (including seniors) in the state. His ability to play team defense improved greatly throughout the course of his freshman season. Extremely coachable player. Academically strong student, taking very high-rigor courses, including Gifted courses.

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