Gage Hurych

2024 | OR: West Linn
515 |

William Gleason

Sep 1, 2022

Gage is an elite athlete and a special talent in the midfield. He has one of the most explosive and deceptive first steps which consistently creates separation as a dodger. One of the toughest players in the state to cover and causes slides with almost every dodge. Not only is he one of the fastest players he has elite lateral burst. Talented shooter on the run and with time and room. He’s a great kid that works hard at his craft and is worth serious consideration.

Spencer Madden

Aug 31, 2022

I've had the pleasure of training Gage for almost 5 years now, as well as watching him play in high school and select tournaments. Visually it is immediately obvious that he moves differently than almost any other player on the field, and his ability to create deception in his tempo and positioning makes him a serious offensive threat. I honestly don't think there's a better alley shooter in the state when he's on his game, but that's only a small piece of what makes him an offensive weapon. Gage can be the go-to midfielder and dodge on poles and doubles, and be understands spacing well enough to be a great off-ball or relay player. I've tried to get him to transfer to my high school team many times to no success, but this is a kid everyone should want on their team.

Mark Flood

Jul 24, 2022

Gage is one of (if not the) best athletes I have coached at WLHS. He Is the fastest player on the current team and the most athletic ( he can dunk a basketball ). He gets to top speed quickly and his lateral movement is hard to cover. He can shoot with both hands on the run and accurately. He has the ability to read the slides while he is dodging. Gage is DI athlete and overall player. His ability to kick 50 yard field goals makes him a very appealing athlete for DI programs that offer football.

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