Grace Kim

2022 | GA: Johns Creek
2.8K |

Taylor Johnson

Sep 7, 2020

Grace is an awesome player! Great stick skills, decision making, and all around teamplay. Grace is a skilled draw specialist, and dynamic midfielder. Grace's ability to dodge, challenge the defense, and shot placement continues to improve each year!

Brooke Magnuson

Aug 25, 2020

Grace is a BEAST. Strong player with incredible stick skills. Very swift on her feet, fast and quick. Great height and speed. Excellent top dodger and can place her shot perfectly with pressure. She’s the player you want to have the ball in tight moments.

Desmond Royal

Aug 22, 2020

I have had the pleasure of coaching Grace as a first-year head coach at Northview High School. Grace has all of the tools necessary to make her an elite midfielder. Her stick skills are advanced and she can comfortably shoot, throw, and catch from both sides. She has excellent endurance and usually leads the pack in conditioning. She loves to attack the cage and remains a threat with off-ball movement. She takes pride in getting in the ride and putting pressure on the ball in settled defensive situations. Lastly, she leads by example and not just by words only. Most of her peers look up to her and are inspired by her competitive demeanor.

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