Hunter Doppke

2023 | IL: Crystal Lake
1.2K |

Sam Hiss

May 2, 2022

I have nothing but great things to say about Hunter. He definitely has the skills and strong foundations to grow into a potentially great collegiate defenseman. His dominant athleticism and on-ball physicality is immediately noticeable when first seeing him play. His strength, explosive speed, and footwork makes him a lethal matchup against a variety of different dodgers. In the short period of time coaching Hunter, he has also developed a strong understanding of team defense and off ball play. I believe that his leadership qualities and hard work ethic are his most impressive qualities. You do not often see a young player with the maturity and personality that he has. He has proven to be a great vocal leader both on and off the field to his teammates which has been a cornerstone for them to lean on. I have noticed this quality strengthen not only the defense but the entire team, he is continuously pushing them to compete at a higher level every rep in practice and for the duration of every game. He would be a great addition to many college programs both on and off the field! - Sam Hiss -- True Lacrosse IL State Director

Ken Arvidson

Mar 2, 2022

Hunter Doppke is an all around fantastic athlete. Over the time i have know Hunter he has grown into a position of leadership on the team. What stands out most about Hunter is his work ethic. Weather in athletics or academics Hunter works very hard and always puts forth his best. Hunter is a captain on the team and is someone who I trust to run different parts of practice. On the field, Hunter is a defensive leader who leads communication, slides, and recovery. Our defense works better with him in the game. Ken Arvidson Assistant Boys Lacrosse Coach

Leo Zimmerman

Mar 1, 2022

Hunter is a strong, physical, and disciplined defenseman. On ball, he uses his physicality and a good understanding of angles to win match ups. Off ball, he has become a high level communicator who his teammates rely on to facilitate slides/recoveries. With the ball in his stick, Hunter typically has no trouble running by riding attackmen. Off and on the field Hunter has become a vocal and confident leader, who always demands the best from himself and his teammates. He would be a valuable asset to the culture of any program. Leo Zimmerman Head Coach Crystal Lake Central Lacrosse

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