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Liam Lilienthal

2016 | NJ: Pompton Plains
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3 Year Starter at a Division III school, love helping kids get the most out of themselves and sharing my love of lacrosse

In high school, I played both lacrosse and soccer, where I was recognized as an all state player in NJ for both sports. I was a 4 year starter at my high school and I hold the record for the most points and most goals in my programs history. I now play at a Division 3 school, where I started as a Freshman and came in second for total points this past season (2017). I have gotten to this point in my lacrosse career by countless hours in the backyard, the field, or the weight room. I have never been the biggest guy so I made up for my lack of size by being the fastest, most skillful player I can be. Lacrosse is a sport that is meant to be enjoyable and after a year at college I learned to love lacrosse more than I ever have before. This came directly from my teammates and coaches who connected on a personal level to me and helped me to see the talents I have.

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Josh Danziger

Jul 23, 2014

I am proud to be Liam's HS coach. Liam is the prototype athlete that every coach should want on their team. He is talented, tough, field-smart, a good student, has the highest moral fiber, and makes everyone else better both on and off the field. Coach's dream!

Alan Geissel

Jul 18, 2014

Liam played lacrosse for me from 3rd-8th grade. Followed him closely in Thunder and HS. He is one of the most skilled and smartest players I have experienced in 40 years. As for his character, if he was my son, I would be proud to say so.

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