Maddie Vanderpoel

2023 | MI: Grand Rapids
860 |
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Coachable, aggressive, and open minded team player who is always giving maximum effort. Dedicated, determined, and passionate about the game, always working hard to better myself.

I like to say that I have been a fighter since birth because I was born 3 months early, and here I am today wanting to fullfill the dream of playing college lacrosse. I started playing lacrosse at 11, doing club since 13, and been on varsity since my freshman year. Throughout elementary and middle school, I had to play a sport in every season. This made me always keep working hard because it’ll all pay off. I played lacrosse, soccer, basketball, and volleyball. When high school came, I knew that I had to focus on a singular sport or two, and after getting cut from the volleyball team sophomore year, I knew that I had to take upon my opportunities and dedicate everything to lacrosse. Sophomore year was when I realized how much love and passion I had for lacrosse in which I joined Summit the end of summer going into junior year. During middle school, I played attack and some mid being a key role for my team. My freshman season (20) was cancelled due to covid, and during my sophomore year (21) I played strictly defense because my team needed me there. Now going into my junior year as a captain(21-22), I have been playing attack for club - favorite position. I have taken 1 honors class (math), averaging a 3.7-3.8 GPA, while managing year round lacrosse, and a job. Going to a private catholic school allows me to have the chance to serve back to my community in which I take part in every so often. I enjoy spending quality time with my family and friends whenever I get the chance. Skill wise, I am capable and pretty comfortable with both of my hands. I love crease rolls or quick stick off the cut shot, along with the defensive attack ride transition. I am always looking to go to goal, or assisting my teammates on a pass for a goal while giving 100% my all. I go by "hard work pays off" because I am extremely passionate, humbled, dedicated, and willing to put in the hard work to whatever it takes to play college lacrosse after high school.

Honors & Awards:
varsity since freshman year
captain junior year
Other HS Sports Played:
Freshmen volleyball
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Coach Contacts
High School:
Catholic Central
Hilary Duda
Team Name:
Cougars (varsity)
Jersey Number:
Club Name:
Summit Lacrosse
Zoe Smith
Team Name:
Summit 2023
Jersey Number:

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GPA (unweighted):
90-92; 3.7; A-

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