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Makay Hansen

2019 | TX: University Park
Recruit Profile
Coachable, team player with strong Lax IQ and incredible finishing skills - crafty, skillful & intelligent playmaker who is disciplined,

Casey Vock: “A skilled righty who knows how to use his body to free himself up for shots, Hansen will look to get topside or get inside to get his hands free. He can do that with an inside roll or can try to cradle through checks. He has shown to be dangerous catching and shooting from close range, even out on the wing from a low angle (using screens, too).” ~~ Selected to play for Edge Canada 2019 ~ Selected for NXT Philly Fall Showcase 2016 ~ Selected for Jake Reed Nike Blue Chip Fall 2016 ~ Selected for Jake Reed Nike Blue Chip Summer 2017 ~ Selected for Prep School National Lacrosse Showcase ~ Selected for 3d National Team Showcase ~ Selected for NLF 2019 Futures Super Showcase ~ Selected for Jake Reed Nike Fall Blue Chip ~ Selected for NXT Philly Fall Showcase ~ Selected for Prep Showcase National Team ~ Selected for Top 205 Fall Showcase ~ Selected for National 175 Fall Showcase ~Selected for IL Invitational Fall Showcase ~ Selected for Brine National Team (Texas) ~ Selected for Adrenaline High Rollers Showcase ~ Attendee of Crabs Top Prospect 2019 ~ Attendee of Trilogy Middle School Aces ~ MVP for multiple teams ~ Team captain for multiple teams

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Rick Harper

Mar 17, 2015

Makay is a great shooter with high IQ! He can create on his own or finish around the cage, he is a team player in every sense.

Dan Groot

Mar 17, 2015

Makay is a student of the game with a very high lacrosse IQ. He is a leader on the offensive end of the field and has a knack for scoring around the cage.

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