Malia Zovich

2024 | NJ: Plainsboro
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Versatile multi-sport athlete, a strong team leader and player, coachable, a very strong defensive Lax IQ, hardworking, very perseverant, strong communicator, active out of cage

I began playing lacrosse in 1st grade, and fell in love with the goalie position in 3rd. I have many years of defensive experience as a consistent starter on my team, and I think of myself as a defensive leader. I pride myself on being comfortable taking charge not only in lacrosse, but in any endeavor I encounter.

I have been a Girl Scout for 11 years as well as a participant in the Princeton Area Juniorettes, a local community service group. For the past 2 years I have volunteered with my local recreational lacrosse program to teach young kids and staff tournaments. I also participated in a 6-week volunteer program in my sophomore year as a counselor for young Trenton kids after school.

I am a two-sport high-school Varsity athlete (volleyball, and lacrosse), and I played soccer, basketball, and lacrosse in middle school. In 8th grade, I received the Presidential Award from my school, Community Middle School in West Windsor/Plainsboro, NJ. This award recognizes the top 8 all-around students out of the entire class of 400 (4 girls, 4 boys).

I am currently a junior at The Lawrenceville School, where I am going to take four high level courses (Honors Biology, Advanced French, a series of high-level science electives, and Precalculus BC). This coming year in school I will be partaking in roles of leadership as a house president. On campus we have a house system (5 girls houses and 6 boys houses in sophomore/junior year) where we develop a strong sense of community and foster a family between students and staff of the house. I was elected leader out of 3 other competitors last year, and look forward to being a role model for all students. I will also be assistant director of our student-directed play series this coming winter, and will be a co-head of the Student Life section of our yearbook.

This past summer I participated in an internship with the Princeton University LLP Labs where I worked to research the effects of mutation on human health and disease with a focus on cancer cells. At the conclusion of this internship, I helped develop a presentation and wrote a research paper on our lab’s work.

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Honors & Awards:
2022 - UA150 Selection
2022- All-American Junior Spotlight Team
2022 - Athletes Unlimited Futures New Jersey Team
2022 - MAPL (Mid-Atlantic Prep League) Lacrosse Champions
2022 - Sophomore Varsity Player (Lacrosse)
2021 - Hustle Award Varsity Volleyball
2021 - Lake Placid Tournament Champion (Ultimate Elite)
2021 - District East Champion (Ultimate Elite)
2021 - NXT All American Tournament Champion (Ultimate Elite)
2021 - #1 Club Team in Pennsylvania (Ultimate CC)
2021 - Ultimate Elite Selection
2021 - MAPL (Mid-Atlantic Prep League) Lacrosse Champions
2021 - Freshman Varsity Player (Lacrosse)
2020 - Freshman Varsity Player (Volleyball)
2020 - Ultimate Elite Selection
2019 - Ultimate Elite Selection
2018 - Ultimate Elite Selection
Other HS Sports Played:
Varsity Volleyball (2/2 years)
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Relevant Lacrosse Accolades:
Starting goalie on Elite and NJ teams

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Coach Contacts
High School:
The Lawrenceville School
Lisa Ewanchyna
Team Name:
Big Red Lax
Jersey Number:
Club Name:
Ultimate Lacrosse
Debra Razzino
Team Name:
Ultimate NJ 2024
Jersey Number:
Team Name:
Ultimate CC 2024 Blue
Jersey Number:
2nd Club Name:
Ultimate Lacrosse
Devin Schmidt
Team Name:
Ultimate Elite Lacrosse
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GPA (unweighted):
93-96; 4.0; A
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Deb Razzino

Nov 16, 2021

I have had the pleasure of coaching Malia for the past four years. She is undeniably the ultimate defensive leader. I knew it from the first time I met her and she never stops amazing me. Malia has the ability to read an offense better than any defender I have coached. She picks out their weaknesses and defines their strong points in order to break it all down during the game. She has earned the respect of her teammates time and time again. Malia has quick hands and is not afraid to come out of the net with poise. She is able to force low angle shots and come up with unbelievable saves. Malia can see quick clears but can also handle pressure inside and outside of the crease. She is the type of player that you want on your side, leading your defense. Malia Zovich is the ultimate package.

Michele Dejuliis

Nov 16, 2021

Malia is one of the best goalies I have seen in this class. She has amazing vision and is quick. She makes the saves that she should make and makes saves that she wouldn't be expected to make consistently. She communicates and leads well and is respected by her teammates. She is someone that everyone would want leading their defense. She makes incredible plays outside of the net and will definitely make an impact at the next level.

Bob Henderson

Nov 16, 2021

I have had the pleasure to coach Malia since she was in 6th grade. She has always been very coachable and takes feedback very well and then implements what she is asked to try into what she is doing. Malia has very good technique and can cover High, mid and low shots very well. Malia is a smart student/goalie who has incorporated what she learns in practice into what she can do to handle various game situations when they come up. She has a very even disposition and resets immediately after a goal to focus on the next save. She is a great teammate, and works well with her defenders. Her clearing is precise, and she is able to incorporate flips into her game so she has multiple ways to get the ball out when pressured. Malia currently plays for a very good HS program and will continue to improve because she works extremely hard on her own to improve her technique, angles, speed to the ball and her knowledge of the game. I enjoy coaching her and can’t wait to see where she is playing at the next level.

Molly Wolf

Nov 15, 2021

Malia is a goalie that every coach wishes they had. Her knowledge as a goalie goes far beyond her age as a 2024 keeper. She consistently makes the saves she should make, and consistently makes the saves that other goalies usually miss. I have trained her one-on-one and she has impressed me more times that I can count. On the field, she directs her defense and makes smart, calculate plays outside the net. She will be an incredible impact player at the collegiate level if she continues her training as she has. Malia is a player you want on your team- talented, a great kid, and has strong grades. She is the full package.

Brittany Ballack

Nov 12, 2021

Malia is a top notch goalie with great field awareness, vision, and speed. Malia is a a leader in the net with great communication, putting shooters in tough angles so she can make great saves. She is a goalie with great poise and control. She is able to make tough saves, by studying the girls she goes up against. Her footwork, and hand eye coordination is timed to perfection. She is constantly working to improve her game and always put her self up for the challenge to get better.

Devin Schmidt

Nov 9, 2021

Malia has been the starting goalie for the nationally ranked Ultimate Elite 2024 team, Ultimate NJ 2024 team, and Ultimate CC 2024 Blue team. Malia has an excellent defensive Lax IQ and is a true leader for the team. When Malia speaks, the whole team listens. Her top quality: patience. Malia has the ability to be patient during high pressure scenarios, clears, and 8 meter shots. She forces attackers toward a low angle shot, is aggressive, and not afraid to intercept. She is able to do all of this because she is reading the offense so well. Any coach/team would be extremely lucky to have such a poised, aggressive, coachable, and knowledgeable goalie such as Malia Zovich.

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