Mason Ickes

2022 | NC: Winston Salem
2.7K |

For a full evaluation of Mason's field play, athleticism, and academics please contact me at ivanterpool@ncfusion.org or (336) 639 - 9366.

Marc Winbush

Jun 28, 2021

Mason is a strong young man with a positive mindset, high lacrosse IQ, skill set, and active leadership. Though his stature appears small, he plays and operates on the field as a giant. Mason’s stick skills are masterful, he easily shifts from fighting for ground balls in uneven situations or securing acrobatic catches, to finishing goals using either hand with distinct accuracy. He’s a strong dodger; able to create shots and offense by threatening the cage to score or to accurately feed. Mason’s uncanny ability to hunt the ball, and consistently provide off-ball movement through the defense, and be in the right place at the right time, is remarkable. Even more than that, Mason outworks an opponent while riding hard as an attackman to the midline or by playing tough belly-to-hip defense as a midfielder. Mason is a player anyone would want on their team in a game or locker room.

Don Croom

Sep 15, 2020

Mason is a versatile and complete midfielder/attackman. Extremely high lacrosse IQ and changes games on both ends of the field. Great athlete and always works hard on and off the field. Pleasure to coach and great teammate.

Coach Coach

Sep 3, 2019

Mason is an upstanding teammate excelling in both sportsmanship and skill. He has been a key player, some even calling him a “carry” in both his club and high school teams. The best young laxer I have ever come across, much respect.

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