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Matthew Ciafre

2018 | VA: Hamilton

Michael Kenlay

Mar 18, 2015

Matt's love for improving his game and most importantly his love for working hard and pushing his limits as an athlete will enable him to fully leverage his natural skill-set to be an elite, reliable goalie at the next level.

Guy Van Syckle

Mar 18, 2015

Matt’s competitive drive and commitment to the little details of his game have led to consistently impressive performance on the field. In our regular goalie workouts, he quickly incorporates technique adjustments and welcomes challenges to improve as a lacrosse player and athlete.

Cabell Maddux

Mar 3, 2015

Matt is extremely focused and has the passion and commitment to be successful at the collegiate level. He is athletic with quick hands yet has a positive calmness in cage that I have only witnessed in elite goalies.

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