Mc Salter

2024 | NY: Tappan
2.2K |

For a full evaluation of Mc's field play, athleticism and academics, please contact Sue Montegari, Mad Dog North NJ Recruiting Director at smontegari@maddoglax.com

Mackenzie Maguire

Mar 16, 2021

I was able to watch Mc play over the course of 7 weeks in Trilogy's Girls Winter League and was amazed to find out she was only a freshman! Her athleticism, communication and quick reflexes was that of a seasoned veteran. She is quick to get out of the net and apply pressure to attackers around the crease, has a big presence on the defense with her communication, and is very quick to clear to the open girl to push the ball upfield. Mc has the lacrosse IQ and determination to get better, she always jumped at the opportunity to play an extra game each week in our league.

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