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Nicole Feaster

2018 | NJ: Pine Brook
Recruit Profile
Skilled, motivated, team player and coachable midfielder. US Women's National Tournament 2016 North NJ Team 1 selection. Honors/AP courses with a 4.0 GPA.

I have been playing lacrosse since fourth grade and immediately fell in love with the sport. Throughout grammar school and High School I have played soccer, lacrosse, and basketball. Although I still play varsity Soccer, I have concentrated most of my training and effort on increasing my lacrosse skills. I am very academically driven with a GPA of 4.2 and having various honors and AP classes. My honors classes include Italian, Chemistry, and History while I will be taking AP English and AP bio. Chemistry is one of my favorite classes and I hope to study at a school that offers undergraduate degrees in either medical or nursing. Besides being involved in school and on the field, I love to volunteer. I am able to participate in various optimistic clubs and programs. Two of the clubs I am involved in are Make-a-Wish and Eleventh Hour Rescue. Within these clubs I help engender awareness and collect donations for dogs in need as well as kids with cancer who have one last wish. Along with these clubs, I coach a co-ed rugby team in our town, where I help young boys and girls grow their self confidence and build their athletic ability. I also participate in a town program called REACH. This program allows me to volunteer at the assisted living home and pack bags of food for the homeless in NYC. I look forward to attend a school where I can play the sport I love and continue to be academically challenged.

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Sue Montegari

Oct 12, 2015

Nikki is quick, agile and extremely hardworking on and off of the field. She comes up with large number of loose balls as well as knockdowns and interceptions. She always has a smile on her face and open to instruction that she applies quickly onto field situations.

Julia Lilienthal

Oct 8, 2015

Nicole is one of the most coachable, athletic players I have ever had the privilege of working with. She has a high lacrosse IQ, and she is extremely disciplined, yet tenacious. She is enthusiastic and unselfish- a true team player.

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