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Olivia Larges

2022 | MD: Davidsonville

For a full evaluation of Olivia's play, athleticism and academics, please contact me or M.C. Rossing, the Recruiting Directors.

Kerry McMillan

Oct 2, 2020

Olivia is a self motivated, conscientious and reflective player with a lot of athleticism. Olivia doesn't shy away from challenges and is very responsive to feedback. Olivia's willingness to consistently demonstrates a positive attitude and unquestionable effort will make her a strong member of any team.

Jennifer Baldwin

Sep 7, 2020

Olivia is a coachable, hardworking, team player who looks to support both on and off ball. She has great stick skills, uses both hands effectively throughout play and when shooting. Olivia will challenge in the 8m and using her height is capable of making an impact on the draw.

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