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Owen Lawton

2023 | VT: Middlebury
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I work very hard on and off the field to help elevate those around me. Strong IQ and coachability, with constant desire to improve.

I have been playing lacrosse since I was 6 years old. I have been moving between Attack and Midfield during my time with lacrosse and found success in both positions. I was the leading scorer on my high school team my sophomore year, with the second most assists and the fourth most ground balls. I am comfortable playing with both hands and see myself as a versatile offensive player. I was selected to play in the Vermont Rising Stars Game, where I would score 3 goals and 2 assists in a team win. I play varsity soccer in the fall and varsity hockey in the winter, fitting lacrosse during those times as well. Being that my school is an IB school, I will be spending the next 2 years working towards completing the Diploma program, the most vigorous program IB has to offer, where I will be completing 3 HL DP classes and 3 SL DP classes. I have a strong focus and interest in science and math, fueling my interest in engineering. I attended the Hugh O'brian Youth Leadership (HOBY) Conference as a selected ambassador of my school, and I was a recipient of the VT Scholar Leader Award in 2018.

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Grant Bolsta

Aug 1, 2021

Owen plays the field general on both sides of the ball and is a great asset both on attack and midfield. His ability to create on offense as a shooter and also as a dodging threat puts his name in the scoring book but his contribution on rides and defense shows his grit as well. Owen is often the first player to practice and the last to leave; his dedication and love for the game makes it a true joy to coach him. He has a strong lacrosse IQ that is seen best during mid-game adjustments and also with his talent as a feeder. Owen has played just about anywhere on the field to help his team showing his flexibility as a player and also his dedication to success. On the field and off he is going to be a contributor at any program next on his journey.

Matt Rizzo

Jul 27, 2021

I have been Owen’s high school coach for one year. He is a pure shooter with a strength in a catch and shoot environment. Owen can play both midfield and attack. He’s a legit 6’4 athlete with strong stick skills. Owen is a leader, is very coachable, and has a positive attitude. Owen hasn’t yet mastered how to use his size and strength to his maximum potential, and when he does he will become a very dangerous offensive threat. He needs to work on his off ball cutting and shooting on the run. He is an excellent transition player, an underrated passer especially on man-up, and can play both point and finisher on fast breaks as an attackman. Importantly, Owen is a team player who makes people around him better. He’s a great kid from a great family and will be an asset to any college program.

Jeffrey Coulson

Jul 19, 2021

Owen has shown huge growth as a player over the past several years. He is one of those players coaches love - a true lacrosse player who will step up and do whatever he is asked. He has the lacrosse IQ to be a threat with the ball, or as an off ball player. Very fast with one of the best running strides I have seen. I highly recommend Owen both as a player and a person - he will be one of the leaders wherever he goes.

James Hall

Jul 15, 2021

Owen is a talented and multifaceted player on the field with lots of potential for the next level. He is consistent with the ball in his hands, has great vision when dodging, and is smart with the ball during transition. Owen is a presence on the field with the ability to move like a point guard and play with the physicality of a full back. Off the field he is a leader to his teammates and classmates by leading by example, and always doing the right thing. Owen is a sponge in practice and in games and listens to positive feedback as well as constructive criticism with an even headed manner. Owen can be placed at any position on the field and will be able to contribute to whatever the team needs. I believe Owen will make a difference on and off the field at any university program.

Shane Lawton

Jul 13, 2021

Owen is one of the hardest working student athletes that I have worked with in my 10 years of coaching lacrosse. He never takes a day off and he leads by example. Owen is relentless as a player. He works hard each season on his strength, quickness and ability to make decisions on the fly. I have found Owen to be exceptionally dependable and consistent in his approach to the game of lacrosse. Owen balances a tough academic workload as a student of Middlebury Union high school along with his six day a week practice schedule on the lacrosse team. He has earned his place as a leader in our program and is well respected by his coaches and his teammates. I strongly believe that Owen will be an asset to any program.

Charlie Edwards

Jul 8, 2021

Owen is a versatile and intuitive short stick who has contributed at both attack and midfield positions on the teams where I have coached him. He has a large frame that he uses to overpower defenders and create space unavailable to smaller short sticks. He has played quarterback, crease, and step down shooter roles on man up due to our coaches reliance on his IQ both with and without the ball. Owen is responsive to coaching and asks astute questions about skill and strategy development. He is a respected teammate who is selfless on the scoresheet. I feel he will be a fantastic asset for a college program in the future.

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