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Paige Gregg

2019 | PA: Newtown
Recruit Profile
coachable, team player, stamina, communicates well, aggressive, hardworking

I started playing lacrosse at 7. I was a general field player before choosing to play defense on my club team in 6th grade and have been a strong defender ever since. My 9th grade year I was a star on my high school JV team, and by my sophomore season I became a varsity starter in the very first game of the season, hardly ever coming off the field in every game. My junior season I saw even more playing time and I was fourth on my team in caused turn overs with 10. I emerged as a defensive leader on the field and my coach looked to me to take a strong presence and lead some of the less experienced girls. I was also voted a senior captain for next season by my teammates and coach and I look forward to leading the girls and representing my team on the field. I am very aggressive playing man on man, have very good awareness of where the ball is and whether or not I have to slide. I communicate very well, which is essential while playing defense. In addition to my high school team, I play for a club team in the summer and fall, which I have been doing since sixth grade. I am also a certified youth lacrosse referee, which I feel has helped me to know the sport better. I am taking honors and AP level courses and have a 3.8 average GPA coming out of my sophomore year. I try my best to stay involved at school and am a member of various clubs. I am very passionate about politics and helping others to have the same opportunities that I have been given. I always push myself to work harder and be the best I can be. I am a team player both on and off the field and I cherish my opportunities to play lacrosse everyday.

Highlight Videos

Lucy Breithaupt

Jun 11, 2018


Ken Breithaupt

Jun 11, 2018

Paige is an aggressive defender one-on-one who can cause turnovers, excellent on ground balls, and is a team player with an understanding of 1st and 2nd slides. She readily adapts to zone defense and player-down defense. She is a powerful defender with speed and agility and an ambidextrous stick.

Paige is a leader and a work horse. She is consistent, dependable and highly coachable. Paige is able to see an offense's transition game and position herself and others in response. She readily sees the slide, both first and second. She is poised and controlled on the clear.

Sue Montegari

Jun 8, 2018

Paige a hardworking and coachable athlete. She has great height and strength that she brings to the field. She communicates well with her teammates on and off of the field and is a natural leader. Paige has good speed and stick skills and is aggressive on the loose balls!

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