Patrick Slagle

2023 | KY: Villa Hills
1.4K |

AJ Froehlich

Jul 2, 2021

Patrick is one of the few players who has the endurance and tenacity to play the entire field as an LSM. With solid footwork, precise checks and the stick skills to push transition, he would be a huge addition to any team he joins. He is always willing to put in the extra work, responds well to coaching and has a motor that will not quit. Patrick will make a huge addition to any team he joins!

Simon Leclerc

Jun 30, 2021

Patrick is an extremely reliable defensemen who will play down low with confidence, but truly excels as an LSM. He is confident and aggressive on ball, routinely taking opposing teams' go to dodgers out of the equation. Off ball, Patrick has the IQ to back up his athleticism and is always ready to help a teammate. He eats up ground balls and his athleticism is put on full display in transition. He is smart with the ball in his stick and isn't shy to push the fast break if he has it. Patrick is extremely coachable, and a great morale booster on any roster.

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