Riley Nee

2023 | NC: Hampstead
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Mark Phillips

Aug 27, 2021

Riley Nee is a strong lefty feeder who is always looking to set up her teammates for a goal. She is also capable of taking it to the net when the team needs a goal. Riley has been our team leader in assists for the past 3 seasons. Riley works hard off the ball as well, weather it be riding to get the ball back or setting picks to free up her teammates. Riley understands the game and knows where to be on the field to best help the team. Riley is a pleasure to coach and is always working to get better.

Courtney Burghardt

Jul 16, 2021

I am writing on behalf of Riley Nee, who has been a valuable part of our Varsity program the last 2 years. As a Sophomore this past season, she was a starting attacker and team captain. Riley is one of the most mature and hardest working athletes I’ve had the pleasure of coaching. In her second season with us she racked up 17 goals and 29 assists in just 11 games. She is a team player with incredible vision and decision making skills. She is an incredibly dynamic and versatile player who truly has 2 dominant hands. Her strengths are feeding and rolling the left side of the crease. She doesn’t give up on plays which leads to solid re-defending and creating turnovers in the offensive end. This season she has really stepped up as a leader and we are excited to see how her game progresses.

Grace Delahanty

Jul 15, 2021

Riley is a game changer. As her high school coach, I have had the pleasure to watch Riley grow into a great student, athlete, leader, and young woman. Riley is a very hard-working and coachable player, she always brings the energy. She is a strong and aggressive lefty;She has the ability to thread the needle and Lax IQ that makes those around her better. Riley‘s key to success is her determination and grit. She works just as hard off the field to improve her game as she does on the field. Riley’s leadership and work ethic earn her captain responsibilities as an underclassman and receive many accolades in the conference and region. Riley has done and is continuing to do all the right things to do what it takes to play at the collegiate level.

Casey Gover

Jul 12, 2021

I have had the pleasure to know and work with Riley Nee for several years. Riley is the kind of player that every coach wants on their team. Riley is the definition of a play-maker; she is a "heads up" player that consistently creates opportunities for her teammates to succeed. Riley has a strong lacrosse IQ--it is her decision making and ability to thread the needle so smoothly that helps her find herself on the leader boards. Riley is a terrific ball handler and a strong lefty. Even as an underclassman, Riley earned herself a captain role and is a go-to player for her high school and club program. Off the field, Riley takes her academics seriously and is a successful student. Nee is a kind, respectful, and hardworking young lady--I am more than confident in her abilities to contribute at the collegiate level.

Danielle Cross

Jun 2, 2021

Riley's athletic talent on the field and leadership skills have proven to her coaches and teammates that she can play well above and beyond her years. I have had the pleasure of coaching Riley in both a team and individual setting, and I am certain that she would be an incredible asset to any program that she is apart of. Her work ethic, energy, attitude and skillset as an attacker have elevated her game on the field, & those skills paired with her ability to connect & motivate those around her have earned her captain responsibilities as an underclassman, & allowed her to receive many athletic accolades at both the local & state level. One quality that Riley possesses that sets her apart from other outstanding players is her desire to work and continue to elevate her game outside of team practice. She makes her individual training a top priority, and will put in multiple hours a week to train with an individual instructor (myself) to work on all areas of her game (strength and conditioning, skill training, and film review) which proves that she is more than ready to play at the collegiate level.

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