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Ryan Allen

2020 | MD: Millersville
Recruit Profile
Passion for defense. Love my job: protecting my goalie, defending our goal, getting the ball back to our offense.

I started playing lacrosse in second grade and owe so many of my friendships, life lessons, and memorable experiences to the sport. Lacrosse has opened many doors for me, including an opportunity to travel to and compete in England for two weeks in both 2015 and 2017. Through this life-changing experience, I discovered a love of travel and meeting new people. I embrace new opportunities to grow and mature on the field and in the classroom. Although I had a successful first year at Severna Park High School (achieving a 4.05 with honors level classes), I decided I wanted "more." I asked my parents if I could apply to Severn School. I wanted to meet new people and to challenge myself with more rigorous classes and the highly competitive MIAA league. As one of two new sophomores accepted to the school for 2017, I am not just working hard to get good grades, but I believe I am preparing myself for the "next level," the future demands of college.
In addition to lacrosse, I also played nine years of recreational soccer in Anne Arundel and Baltimore county leagues. My position as a defender and goalkeeper added to my understanding and passion for defense. I enjoy the strategy, communication, and positioning and get great satisfaction from protecting my goal and returning the ball to my offense. I continually pursue opportunities to expand my skills and lax IQ, and I am weightlifting regularly to increase my size and strength to better serve my teammates.

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For a full evaluation of Ryan's athletic and academic ability, please contact Ricky Schwartzberg at 410-570-5482 or coachrjs@verizon.net.

Joe Christie

Feb 27, 2019

Rangy, long and athletic. Excellent communication skills. Strong on ball defender. Excellent student and teammate.

Ricky Schwartzberg

Sep 25, 2017

The consummate team defender, understanding angles and positioning, winning individual matchups, vocally orchestrating team defensive concepts and slide packages. He is rapidly becoming a coach on the field and makes everyone else around him better. Team first attitude, team first passion, team first effort. Ryan is a leader.

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