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Samantha Tanguay

2022 | NY: Baldwinsville

Candace Sweeney

Feb 5, 2021

Sam is an outstanding leader and a hard working athlete/goalie. She gives her best in everything she does. She will never let you down as player or team mate. She is a role model to her peers on and off the field.

Megan Tabor

Dec 4, 2020

Sam is the type of goalie every coach dreams about. She is very vocal and will direct her defense constructively to follow the coach's game plan. She is also extremely coachable. Sam will ask questions and take criticism to constantly try to improve her game.

Jeremy Hollenbeck

Nov 24, 2020

While on the sideline of a lacrosse game, it does not take long to recognize when Sam Tanguay is playing. She is a commanding communicator and leader whose positive enthusiasm is infectious. When the game is on the line, Sam is at her best! She responds to pressure by lifting the team with loud encouragement and confidence in goal.

Mia Kuzdzal

Nov 16, 2020

Sam is a very dedicated individual and team leader. She is always striving to improve her skills and ability to make her the finest possible goalie she can be. Sam has proven time and again that she is not only a tenacious competitor but also a great teammate too.

Brenna Rainone

Nov 9, 2020

The first time I met Sam, the one thing that stuck out to me was her constant good attitude towards her teammates and the leadership she brought to the team. On top of that, Sam's hard work in goal and constant want to get better is contagious to her teammates.

Nicole Delany

Nov 6, 2020

Sam can be best represented by her positive attitude combined with her relentless pursuit of competition. She is not only a talented lacrosse player, but she embodies the characteristics that will lead a team to success. Her commitment and constant recognition of her teammates success sets her apart from others.

Shannon Burke

Nov 2, 2020

One word to describe Sam: LEADER. Her fundamentals in net are only topped by her ability to serve as the captain of our defense, and leader of our team. She has a great lacrosse IQ, and is invaluable to our teams success!

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