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Sean Donegan

2021 | MD: Arnold
Recruit Profile
Coachable, strong lax IQ, very disciplined, team player, strong leadership skills, multi sport athlete, strong academic focus

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Lee Corrigan

Jun 17, 2020

Sean is a very solid defender, good speed, good stick & big upside. A great frame 6'3" 175 lbs & is working hard to get bigger & stronger. Knows how to play and is good on the ball and off the ball. Easy to Coach

Joe Christie

Apr 1, 2020

Sean has grown exponentially over the last year both physically and mentally. His work ethic in the weight room has paid dividends. From footwork to stick work to communication - he has improved across the board. He is poised to make an impact at the varsity level in 2020/21

Ricky Schwartzberg

Sep 9, 2018

High IQ, fundamentally sound, understands angles, exceptional on ball defender, can leave on an island and not slide to, outstanding getting ball off carpet and upfield, terrific stick skills, great character with stellar academics, brings leadership to team defense orchestrating slides off ball, great family, very high ceiling for potential

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