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Spencer Krelitz

2020 | MN: Minneapolis
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Fit, aggressive, athletic 3-sport team player and multi-sport Captain. Quick reactions, strong stick skills, Lax IQ make impact on & off ball.

I started playing lacrosse at age 7. I have played all field positions, focused on Defense for 3 years then LSM for past 2 years. As an 8th grader, played LSM on JV for The Blake School, a top 8 High School program in the state. Currently in 10th Grade, During 9th Grade, played both Varsity and JV. Coaches tell me my strong stick skills, physical style, lax IQ and fitness help me to make an impact on and off ball. I am looking forward to continuing to improve all aspects of my game. I also have been selected to co-captain my club lacrosse, basketball and football teams. I love competing in all sports. I play HS basketball, golf, and alpine ski race.

Off the field, I am a certified Lacrosse Ref and officiated over 50 games during the Summer. I mentor boys and girls and have a job as a "manny" for 3 families and have a job at a grocery store. I am a strong student at a rigorous High School where I am a member of our nationally ranked model United Nations team, a 5 person mens choir, and AP US history, honors french, and honors math.

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Ted Sperides

Feb 16, 2016

Spencer is a energetic player who loves the game. He is not shy of contact and will play aggressively out on his attackman. Stick skills are solid which gives his confidence with the ball in transition.

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