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Taylor Juchs

2020 | MD: Middle River
Recruit Profile
Fast learner and fast feet. Never quit attitude and a team player.

I started lacrosse at age 5. I have always played defensive/LSM. Played club level ball from age 9 and still do in high school. I play strong man defense and understand my position very well. This year I started doing volunteer work at a local animal shelter. In my free time I paddleboard and go hiking.

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Jimmy Jackson

Dec 3, 2018

Excels on the lacrosse field w/ long pole. Can not only play close D, but turns it up at the LSM position. Versatile player that has also, when called upon, played SSDM. He has quick feet & a strong defensive lax IQ which makes him a strong asset.

Isaiah Colmore

Nov 18, 2018

Great motor, he’s a good athlete with great defensive awareness. Smooth off of the ground, an asset on the wing of the draw. Has a passion wanting to play at the next level!

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