Taylor Padgett

2022 | NC: Greenville
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Jen Yoder

Jul 6, 2021

Taylor is one of the hardest working players I've ever coached. She puts in time on her own outside of team training and practices to improve her skills. Her hard work has payed and she has shown tremendous growth in the time I've been coaching her. She's willing to put the team needs first, and has actually been playing defense instead of midfield more recently. She has had a huge impact on defense and has become one of our most reliable players. She would be an incredible asset to any college program.

Celie Edwards

Jul 6, 2021

Taylor Padgett is an incredibly hard-working athlete. I started coaching her lacrosse team at JH Rose during her sophomore year and have been repeatedly impressed with her work ethic, skills and character since then. She performs difficult drills and tasks with ease because she gains full awareness of what needs to be done without needing details over and over. I can always depend on her to get a job done, and she is constantly wanting to do what she can to improve her already impressive lacrosse skills. She’s strong with her both hands, quick on her feet, easily scoops groundballs and has the most pin-point accurate shot of anyone I’ve ever coached. I often ask her to help demonstrate drills at practice because she executes skills flawlessly. She guides her teammates and does so without being condescending. I fully believe that she’ll shine brighter as a college athlete, because she’d be with teammates that have the same level of skills as her.

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