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Thomas Curtin

2021 | PA: Lebanon

For a full evaluation of Thomas's field play, athleticism and academics, please message me directly, TEAM Lacrosse Recruiting Director.

Connor Aitken

Apr 21, 2020

Thomas is a strong defender who knows how to properly use his stick. He has a bag full of stick checks but can also impose his will using his body. He knows how to take control of a defense and is a threat in transition.

Jack Wuori

Nov 20, 2019

Strong, versatile lacrosse player. Excellent footwork and stick skills. Plays the ball well. Wins situations with his physical play and high lacrosse IQ. Natural leader and coachable. Tom is a pleasure to teach in my classroom and a pleasure to coach on the field.

Dominic Corto

Nov 20, 2019

Tommy has excellent sticks skills, can run the field and is a threat with the ball in transition. He also play close when needed and completely understands how to play team defense. His attitude is one of the best in our club, he will do anything asked.

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