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Vincent Freijomil

2022 | NJ: Warren
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Goals are to play competitive lacrosse while maintaining the best grades possible. Selfless team player. Athletic 2-way midfielder. Excellent field vision. Hard working and self-motivated. Never satisfied with performance.

My collegiate goals are to play competitive lacrosse while maintaining the best grades possible. Since I started the sport in third grade, I've been obsessed with playing lacrosse. Throughout my whole life, I have played multiple sports at competitive travel and club levels, which I believe has helped my overall ability on the lacrosse field. I will work as hard as I can to achieve whatever task is presented to me. I have always had this mindset, because if I am satisfied, then I will not benefit the team, nor will I get better. I have also applied this work ethic outside of sports, and since I was 10, I have been an entrepreneur trying to make money at various jobs, from mulching to shoveling driveways to babysitting. I have done it all and am not afraid to work hard to achieve my goals. I am an athletic two-way midfielder and pride myself on being explosive out of my dodges, drawing slides, and always being shot- and pass-ready, as needed. I use my field vision to make sure I am in the right spot doing the right thing at the right time to help put my team in the best position to succeed. I have a great passion for the game and hope to continue playing lacrosse for many years to come, in college and beyond.

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