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Zachary Laberge

2020 | MB: West St Paul
Recruit Profile
Coachable, level-headed, hard-working, team player with demonstrated leadership as captain of my box club and provincial team.

I started playing box lacrosse at 10. My club team won the championship in 2017 and 2018, I had the highest points in both years and served as captain in 2018. My high school field team won the city and provincial championship in 2017, I was the highest scoring rookie. In my rookie year, I moved up to second line by end of the season and became a starter in my sophomore year. I have played on the provincial box (2017, 2018) and field (2017) lacrosse teams. I attended the Hill Academy in Ontario for my junior year to build my skill set and lacrosse IQ. I made All-Star at the Apex 60 and Elite 100 events in 2019. I volunteered in Manitoba and Ontario with youth lacrosse events and played junior varsity volleyball in the off season. I am a strong lefty shooter with the ability to shoot the ball hard while on the run and have accuracy from a distance. I am very active off-ball with the ability to pull doubles and open up scoring opportunities.

Highlight Videos

Cameron Mann

Jul 30, 2019

Zach is someone who looks to continue to improve his game whether it is on or off the field. His athleticism allows him to be an effective player on either side of the ball and he has a relentless work ethic.

Paul Nicholson

Jun 24, 2019

Zach is the type of player you want to coach. He's talented, hard-working, intelligent, and rises to the occasion. He is also unique in regard to the way he plays, as he can get the job done both on offence and defence. Any team would be lucky to have Zach.

Mike Cooke

Jun 24, 2019

Zach is a competitive, driven and smart player. He’s always striving to improve, either taking extra reps or working with coaches. His versatility on the offensive side of the ball makes him an asset and his work ethic sets him apart from other players.

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