Zachary O'Connell

2024 | NJ: Jackson
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Patrick Conti

Mar 21, 2022

Zach is a motivated and competitive young player who upon seeing play, is clearly full of potential. Zach is the kind of player every team needs to have. He is a proven effective utility/ multi-position player. Zach can competitively compete and win faceoffs, and has proven to be both a threat as a goal scorer as well as competent defender. Zach is outstandingly coachable, driven and always eager to improve. His lacrosse IQ is very impressive for a player his age. Moreover, Zach is an outstanding teammate. He has way more heart than most and is committed to his craft. Zach is already a difference maker and I look forward to watch him continue to progress as a student-athlete.

Zachary Ornstein

Feb 6, 2022

Having had the privilege to train Zach through The Face Off Academy has been wonderful. His game has been constantly developing. Zach’s effort and relentless work ethic has made working with him a great pleasure of mine. His attentiveness and the way he asks question makes him the type of player that every coach wants on their roster. In relativity to other players, Zach is still newer to the face off position, but what he lacks in experience he is making up with time put into practice. Zach attends all of our New Jersey Face Off Academy events and each time, he is doing better against his competition. I am intrigued to see how Zach’s career progresses, but if there is one thing I can assure Zach will not be out worked by his competition. Email foaornstein@gmail.com for a full endorsement.

Ty Martin

Feb 5, 2022

Zach has been working hard at his craft and has begun to really show his confidence when he is on the field. Zach's work ethic has improved immensely over the last few months. I have seen him mature both as a lacrosse player and a young man in my time working with him. I look forward to seeing what he does this Spring at the high school level and this Summer with his club. Email Ty@AthletesUnitedLacrosse.com for a full endorsement.

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